Peter J. Baltren Award: This award is given at the close of each LTC to campers that have shown exemplary learning throughout the conference.  These are not only people that have shown growth during the week, but have contributed significantly to the learning and growth of other delegates as well. 

Touchstone Award: Given at the close of each ALC, this award recognizes students who found applications for their learning throughout the week.

Student Leader of the Year Award: The Student Leader of the Year Award recognizes SLTP’s most outstanding student leader for the current year. The fundamental basis for this award is differencemaking. We are seeking to recognize STUDENT leaders who “walk their talk.”

Lifetime of Difference Award: This award recognizes those members of our communities who have made a lifetime of difference through their selfless contributions to the greater welfare of our students, schools and community. 

Recognizing Student Leaders


formal achievement

Awards and Recognition

Student Leader of the Year Award

            Each year, the Student Leadership Training Program seeks to recognize the accomplishments and differencemaking of an extraordinary group of STUDENT leaders - - namely the graduates of SLTP.  As a means of doing so, the Administrative Board of the SLTP created the Student Leader of the Year Award.
        The fundamental basis for this award is differencemaking.  We are seeking to recognize STUDENT leaders who “walk their talk.”
        All nominees for the SLY will be recognized at the InterLead Conference at Nichols College in the spring.  There the finalists will receive Award plaques and camperships in their name to be presented to students from their school.
        The nomination process begins very quickly.  Our aim is to allow the finalists the best use of the recognition.
        Nomination for the award can be accomplished one of four ways: 
1) nomination by another SLTP graduate;
2) nomination by your principal or adviser;
3) nomination by an SLTP staffer;
4) or self nomination.
        Upon notification of nomination, we will mail the Student Leader of the Year Award Application to the nominee for completion.
Minimum Prerequisites for Nomination
 SLTP graduate of LTC
 completed endorsement
 receipt on or before the deadline
 Nomination Deadline - January 15
Only high school students are eligible.
        Nominations should be typed and should include the nominee’s name and address (including email address).  There should also be a brief endorsement of the nomination (one or two sentences indicating why the person was nominated).  Finally the nomination should include the name, address, title (Adviser, Principal, etc) or SLTP attendance record of the person making the nomination.
Send to:  Helen Fitzgerald, SLY Nomination
108 Observatory Waye
Marshfield, MA 02050

Award Recipients


Student Leader of the Year:  Amy Bean
Lifetime of Difference Award: Ken Warchol
Peter J. Baltren Awards
Session 1: Morgan McCullough, Juliana Batista, Samantha Iacobucci
Session 2: Beth Belanger, Doug Ostrosky, Ashley Carroll
Session 3:  Rebecca Hartley, Skyler Ross, Andie Coutoulakis, Ian Bonner
Session 4:  Karen Lockhart, Erin Fitzgerald, Jimmy Collins, Elidi Chan
Touchstone Awards
Session 1:  Christie Basinas
Session 2:  Christina Barry
Session 3:  Sarah Horn
Session 4:  Amanda Rode


Student Leader of the Year:  Pam Rudnicki
Lifetime of Difference Award: Stacey Hurd
Peter J. Baltren Awards
Session 1:  Prakrith Vijeysarathy, Darius Miri, Ashley Okwuazi, Holly Omigie, Libby MacCullagh, Ashley Carroll
Session 2:  Rachel Ferrera, Austin Dodd, Jacqueline ingemi, Celia Corrente, Jenn Hickey, Sammie Davey
Session 3:  JJ Stoprya, Caroline Chenard, Phil McMullin, Mike Henry
Session 4:  Christie Basinas, Rachel Garrity, Paige Marsicano, Amanda Ruggieri
Touchstone Awards
Session 1:  Alysha Desrosiers, Andrew Nelson, Nicole LaCoste
Session 2:  Tanya Jones
Session 3:  Danielle Shaw
Session 4:  Sammie Davey


Student Leader of the Year:  Sarah Groh
Lifetime of Difference Award: Paul Hynes, Jim Briggs
Peter J. Baltren Awards
Session 1:  Sam Kelvey, Caroline Waldman, Katie Krause, Tyler Blanchard
Session 2:  Nora Nadire, Alyssa Nicotra, Alex Waterman, Emily VanValkenburg, Ellie Gladstone
Session 3:  Isabel Rollo, Danielle Brown, Alison Caless, Andrew Nelson
Session 4:  Jess Donati, Alysha Desrosiers, Nicole LaCoste
Touchstone Awards
Session 1:  Mallory Goodrich
Session 2:  Dyl Young
Session 3:  Micaela Relihan
Session 4:  Michaela Tracy


Student Leader of the Year:  Lauren Nutter
Lifetime of Difference Award: Marty Morrison
Peter J. Baltren Awards
Session 1:  Siobhan Hopper, Liz Clapp, Sara Rosati, Alex Briggs, Chris Fitzpatrick
Session 2:  Valerie Cappa, Christine Lydon, Jenna Musco
Session 3:  Alex Simpson, Chris Sullivan, Corinne Canning, Mike Palmisano
Session 4:  Mallory Goodrich, Matthew McDermott, Michaela Tracy, Meredith Kelly
Touchstone Awards
Session 1:  Danielle Bamberg
Session 2:  Farrar Cooper
Session 3:  Brian Strafach
Session 4:  Nicholas Hanlon


Student Leader of the Year:  Kayla Charest
Lifetime of Difference Award: Helen Fitzgerald
Peter J. Baltren Awards
Session 1:  Ashley Vinhateiro, Martha Snow, John Gubernat, Elijah Williams
Session 2:  Ethan Palmer, Christina Santana, Chris Testa, Molly Burman
Session 3:  Ali Beretta, Alanna Kelley, Yunna Leschinskiy, Justin Quartararo
Session 4:  Danielle Sacks, Jerry Guo, Brittany Perro, Sarah Bashein
Touchstone Awards
Session 2:  Kayla Wilcox, Sarah Groh
Session 3:  Erica Pieroni, Ethan Palmer
Session 4:  Cathryn Cortesa, John Gubernat


Student Leader of the Year:  Ashley Pratte
Peter J. Baltren Awards
Session 1: Caitlin Hawthorne, Taylor Corey, Bridget McDonough, Eliza Stopa
Session 2: Amanda Sprague, Kim Martel, Kayla Biggs, Jen Merigold
Session 3: Erica Austin, Leigh Cardi, Erica Simpson, Emily Marchand
Session 4: Daniella Ortiz, Pete Fransson, Mandie Provost, Abbi Davies, Sarah Groh
Touchstone Awards
Session 2: Laura Murphy, Lauren Zaremba, Kayla Charest
Session 3: Amanda Sprague, Jen Merigold
Session 4: Bridget McDonough, Eliza Stopa


Student Leader of the Year:  Meg Dobro
Peter J. Baltren Awards
Session 1: Jon Boucher, Annie Kirlin, Nam Nguyen, Ken Sylvia, Alicia Benander
Session 2: Amy Nane, Nick Skoly, Hilary Petti, Brandon Miller
Session 3: Iman Rastegari, Hannah Desrochers, Olivia Harris, Katie Eichner
Session 4: Augustine Pyo, Kayla Charest, Andrew Flanagan, Lauren Zaremba
Touchstone Awards
Session 1: Pat Owens, Phil Loomis
Session 3: Ashley Wilcox, Brandon Miller
Session 4: Iman Rastegari, Hillary Petti


Student Leader of the Year:  Alyssa Currier


Student Leader of the Year:  Greg Moffitt


Student Leader of the Year:  Lauren Smock-Randall